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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an extensive geography of coverage and work throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the EU countries, the Balkans. We cover the entire USA from East to West.
We cover all of Canada.

In the «Services» section, choose the service you are interested in — it can be online advertising or development. Then click «Contact me«.

A virtual meeting room is reserved. Choose the date and time you need to meet with a manager who speaks your language in Google Meet. At the meeting, the manager will carefully get acquainted with your subject and needs, answer your questions, fill out a brief for the services you are interested in.

At the end of the negotiations, we will analyze the brief and send you an offer with an estimate and terms. Upon approval of the estimate, we issue you an invoice for an advance payment of 50% and begin work.

You can pay for services in two ways:

  1. Through online payment with your card. We send you a personal link to the offer for payment in Euro currency. It is necessary that your card be international and allow the conversion of your country’s currency into Euro.
  2. Through an invoice for your company. You must have a registered company in your country. The invoice is issued in Euro currency.

(!) Important. Before paying, please contact us via one of the messengers to confirm that the invoice was indeed issued by us in order to avoid fraudulent transactions of third parties!

Yes — you can pay with any currency of your country. The main thing is that your bank supports the conversion to Euro at the current rate. Before paying, check with your bank the possibility of converting.

You can also pay for services with cryptocurrency from your crypto wallet to ours by wallet number or QR. We currently support USDT payment.

At the moment, our office is located in Europe, in Montenegro.
We represent an official company and pay taxes in the country of location.

All calculations are made or converted to Euro.
In the future, the opening of an Office in Portugal and the USA for the convenience of our American and European partners.

We carry out 3 types of online advertising — these are:

  • Targeted advertising (Targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram)
  • SMM marketing (Communication with your potential customers directly in Facebook, Instagram groups)
  • Google Ads (Advertising in the Google search engine is the creation of advertisements that appear when your potential customers search for services similar to your business topic.)

Yes — you can split payments over 1000 Euro into 2 parts and over 5000 Euro into 3 parts.
Usually we take an advance payment of 50% to start the provision of services.
2nd part — 50% of the payment is made in the middle of the term for the provision of services.

If the payment is divided into 3 parts, the entire period of service provision is also divided into 3 parts.

Yes — we give a 3-month warranty for all our developed IT solutions, mobile applications. During this period, we will eliminate errors in the operation of the site application, texts for free, and give recommendations.

You can also subscribe to annual paid support, which will allow you to quickly make small adjustments to your website or mobile application.

We can also develop your services, develop new functionality for the convenience of your users. To present you hourly outstaffing services — hiring specialists on our side, without registering with your company.

You do not pay any taxes and do not look for highly qualified employees — we do it all!